Professional Graduate Schools

History of Law School

HistoryThis table demonstrates the history of Law School according to years.
2007. 7. 3. Act on the Establishment and Operation of Law School enacted
2007. 10. 31. Application form of Law School establishment approval submitted
2008. 1. 3. Field survey for law school establishment approval worked
2008. 2. 4. Preliminary approval of law school establishment
2008. 4. 10. Revised application form of law school establishment approval submitted
2008. 8. 18. Final field survey for law school establishment approval worked
2008. 8. 29. Official approval of law school establishment (enrollee 70)
2009. 3. 1. Law school opened

The Ideals of Law School

The ideals of law school education are to cultivate lawyers possessing sound professional ethics based on rich cultural background, deep understanding of human being and society, and sense of values pursuing freedom, equality and justice, and possessing knowledge and capabilities that enable professional and efficient settlement of complicated legal disputes, with the objective of providing good legal services that meet the diverse expectations and demands of people.

The Goals of Law School

  1. Legal experts with a balanced character and the highest ethics
  2. Legal experts serving the people as global leaders
  3. Legal experts contributing to realization of the public's interest and human right
  4. Legal experts contributing to development of community